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A transition of declining pitch from hub to tip, the "A" pitch is the equivalent to an average pitch of 8 and the "B" pitch is the equivalent to an average pitch of 10.
PJE 3D props have a wide range of performance yet provide optimal thrust at low airspeeds giving you and the aircraft  maximum control and maneuverability.
  • Designed for 3D flying
  • Digitally machined using the latest CNC Equipment
  • Finished to perfection with 2 layers of primer abd 2 layers of  a high strength finish coating
  • Pre balanced and pre drilled
  • Light weight for quicker throttle response and acceleration
  • Highly rigid and resistant to flex
  • Highly efficient, low drag for higher RPM's and Greater thrust
The superior design of the Xoar 3D series propellers and excellent characteristics of the German Beechwood are the key to 3D performance. The 3D series props offer better throttle response and performance throughout the RPM range.